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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Fighting Cybercrime in the Cloud

Evidence for Cybercrime in the cloud.

Machine Learning Advances Tool to Fight Cybercrime in the Cloud
Purdue University News
By Chris Adam

Purdue University researchers used machine learning to develop a cloud forensic model that collects digital evidence associated with illegal activities in cloud storage applications. The system deploys deep learning models to classify child exploitation, illegal drug trafficking, and illegal firearms transactions uploaded to cloud storage applications, and to automatically report detection of any such illegal activities via a forensic evidence collection system. The researchers tested the system on more than 1,500 images, and found that the model accurately classified an image about 96% of the time. Said Purdue’s Fahad Salamh, "It is important to automate the process of digital forensic and incident response in order to cope with advanced technology and sophisticated hiding techniques and to reduce the mass storage of digital evidence on cases involving cloud storage applications." .... "

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