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Friday, November 29, 2019

Novel Mobile Mapping Algorithm

As I read this, it too could have been used usefully for our forestry application, since we had large scale databases of measurements based on location contexts, like slopes and area history.

Mobile Mapping More Accurate With a Novel Algorithm
University of Twente (Netherlands)
K.W. Wesselink

A researcher at the University of Twente in the Netherlands developed an algorithm that improves the accuracy of surveyed mobile mapping imaging products. The algorithm can compensate for measurement errors introduced from erroneous satellite-based positioning, which usually occurs in urban areas. Mobile mapping includes all forms of geospatial data acquisition using a mobile platform carrying one or more sensor systems. The algorithm uses aerial images to make the acquired data more accurate. The algorithm recognizes objects from an overhead view, but also from a street view. Identified objects are used to establish thousands of links between the data sets, which enables a mathematical procedure to correct the mobile mapping data. .... "

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