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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Google Pushing Marketing Digital Assistant Design

In Think With Google:   A Marketing Revolution.

Digital assistants are the next marketing revolution. Here’s how to be ready   By Matt Mierzejewski December 2018 Emerging Technology, Data & Measurement, Experience & Design

Digital assistants are fundamentally changing the way we live, and therefore, the way brands engage with consumers. Merkle’s SVP of Search Capability, Matt Mierzejewski, discusses the opportunity and what brands can do now to be ready.

The “holy grail” of marketing is being able to predict consumers’ needs. And I have no doubt that digital assistant technology will get us there. Digital assistants are already going beyond providing simple “request and response” features. From giving us makeup advice to adding magic to our kids’ bedtime stories, they’re changing the way brands engage with people.

Imagine what will be possible with additional customer signals. Think about the digital assistant that understands our daily routines and needs, to not just respond, but recommend. That’s an incredible value exchange for the user — one where the digital assistant moves beyond reactive response based on user query and into proactive recommendation based on user context. ... " 

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