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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Creating Virtual Cities from DashCam Images

Thinking further applications of this.  Why not use other aggregated imagery, like Street View?

Nvidia’s new A.I. creates entire virtual cities by watching dash cam videos

From the Grand Theft Auto franchise to the plethora of available Spider-Man titles, plenty of video games allow you to explore a three-dimensional representation of a real (or thinly fictionalized) city. Creating these cityscapes isn’t easy, however. The task requires thousands of hours of computer modeling and careful reference studies before players have the chance to walk, drive or fly through the completed virtual world.

An impressive new tech demo from Nvidia shows that there is another way, however. Shown off at the NeurIPS artificial intelligence conference in Montreal, the tech company showcased how machine learning technology can generate a convincing virtual city simply by showing it dash cam videos. These videos were gathered from self-driving cars, during a one-week trial driving around cities. The neural network training process took around one week using Nvidia’s Tesla V100 GPUs on a DGX-1 supercomputer system. Once the A.I. had learned what it was looking at and figured out how to segment this into color-coded objects, the virtual cities were generated using the Unreal Engine 4. ... " 

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