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Thursday, January 03, 2019

Alexa Asks for Answers

A kind of admission that its hard to create general answers to questions?   Further relating to my last post about this kind of approach.   Do note its similarity to what you get with Google search, linking to previous questions with similar keywords and structure.     I have noted recently an increased number of answers to questions.   Attribution indication also interesting.

Amazon Alexa is beta testing crowdsourced answers
Customers in the invitation-only program can start contributing answers to Alexa today  By Dami Lee@dami_lee in TheVerge.

Amazon announced recently that it’s beta testing Alexa Answers, an invitation-only program for users to add responses for questions that Alexa can’t answer. Amazon says that in the last month of its internal Alexa Answers beta program, 100,000 responses have been added and served to customers “millions of times.”

Starting today, selected customers who have received email invitations can participate via the Alexa Answers website. Users can browse through various topic categories, like science and geography, and choose to answer questions that have been asked by other customers that Alexa doesn’t know the answers to. Those answers may then be served to other Alexa customers, and their answer will be attributed to “an Amazon customer.”    ... " 

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