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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

More on Echo Look

Had not heard about Amazon's Style Assistant, called Amazon Look for a while.  Of interest because we also examined many 'style' assistants here over the years.   Still unclear how well this would work.   Intrigued by the approach.   Looking for a usage review to see how this works in place.

Amazon’s Echo Look style assistant gets a little bit smarter
More fashion from the all seeing eye
By Thuy Ong    @ThuyOng   in the Verge

Amazon has rolled out several new features for its Echo Look “style assistant” including a new collections tool, curated content from Vogue and GQ, and voice profile support. The Echo Look is a camera that takes full-body length photos to catalogue your outfits in a “Look Book” and suggests fashion recommendations through machine learning. It also has a shopping element that suggests fashion items from (of course), Amazon.  ....  " 

Under the new Collections tool in the Echo Look app, users can now organize their clothing catalogue by options including color, item, and occasion. The feature also allows users to create customized lists to organize their looks for a weekend away or what to wear to a music festival. Amazon says the feature automatically creates collections for favorites, videos, camera phone photos, seasons, and even weather. ... " 

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