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Monday, October 30, 2017

Wal-Mart and Bossa Nova Robotics

Much more on Wal-Mart's testing of robotics for in store tasks in 50 stores, such as scanning, auditing and stocking decision support.   The shelf can become smart through external scanning.  Also mention of a company Bossa Nova Robotics, which is being tested.  Quite more at the Bossa Nova site, including video of their systems in operation.   No indication of interactions with shoppers.   Very much retail oriented, they write: 

" ... Safe & friendly

A store is a busy place, so we know how important it is that our robot has a sense of its surroundings. That’s why it can detect objects in an aisle, like boxes, your cart, even you! It will wait for you to pass and then keep scanning the shelves when all is clear.

Here to help

Our robot takes care of the tedious shelf-auditing tasks, allowing employees to focus on more important things like… you! It also provides vital information about different departments, making your store run smoother and more efficiently. Associates say they can’t imagine life without it.

Shelf focused

The action is on the shelves side! To make sure you always find your favorite chips, our robot scans the shelves diligently and reports what is missing.  Its sole job is finding empty spaces on shelves and keeping those chips available for you.  .... 

They make in an interesting suggestion:

 ... Nice to meet you

Look out for your new neighborhood robot on your next visit to your local store. Feel free to snap a selfie and post it on Instagram. Don’t forget to copy us   @BNRobotics  .... " 

Video Example:   https://video.twimg.com/tweet_video/DNJjrCbUEAE2aPb.mp4

See the comparison to solutions like: Storeflix.  Simpler, but less automated.

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