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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Reviews.com Examines Roomba Vacuums

If you have read this blog for any time you know I am a long time follower of Smart Homes.  I also managed the technical aspects of Procter & Gamble's Home and Store innovation centers.    We looked at many home technology applications that could influence the business of Retail and CPG companies. In particular we looked at the earliest iRobot Roomba home robotics, to see how they would influence the future of home care.  See the Roomba or Smart Home Tags for more.

Have not followed new systems from Roomba for some time, but Kayla Allen of Reviews.com sent me a link to the reviews they have for the Roomba Vacuums.  See below for an abstract and link.  Great in dept coverage, discussion and images.   I did not know there were so many options.   Good update for me.  Will be following their reporting on home robotics from now on.

The Best Roomba Vacuums
The best of the best in robot vacuums
The 30-Second Review

The best Roomba can clean your floors without getting stuck on your furniture. We tested seven of iRobot's most promising models for cleaning power, navigation, and the ability to tackle common obstacles. In the end, we found that more money didn’t always buy better results.  .... " 

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