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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Marketing and Augmented Reality

Good piece, examination of technology and statistics on the topic.

How Augmented Reality Will Enhance Marketing Campaigns    By Mark van Rijmenam In Linkedin

 Often, I write about emerging technologies such as big data, blockchain, IoT and AI. However, other technologies are also increasingly affecting organizations, one of them being Augmented Reality (AR). Thanks to technological advancements, Augmented reality is rapidly growing and is projected to drive billion-dollar annual revenues within the next decade. A Markets and Markets report estimates that AR will grow to be a $117.4 billion market by 2022. Moreover, A Citi GPS report projects AR's billion-dollar annual revenues will further increase to $692 billion by 2025. AR will be booming and offers great opportunities for organizations to expand and enhance marketing activities. Take a look at augmented reality's impact on marketing:

AR Marketing Will Change the Marketer's Role and Marketing

Augmented reality will have significant implications for marketers. To leverage AR's opportunities for marketing campaigns, it is key to understand AR's differences and similarities in comparison to other digital engagement platforms. AR is easy to adopt for many users because virtual aspects are superimposed over familiar environments. For instance, one study found that consumers enjoyed the playful experience of an AR mirror-app, compared to physical testers. The app helped them to virtually 'try on' eyeshadow and lipstick so they could easily visualize how it would look. This helped consumers decide whether or not to buy a product while offering a fun experience at the same time. ... " 

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