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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dash Cams and Autonomous Driving

Had thought before there is some connection between autonomous driving and cameras understanding the context.   Gathering data for autonomous operations.  Here is a development move in that direction.  Also a step towards another kind of attentive interaction, similar to work being done with assistant technologies.    The first step is to precisely sense the relevant context.

Comma AI’s dash cams are a stepping stone to autonomous driving
It’s dash cams for now, with an eye on autonomous driving.
 By Roberto Baldwin, @strngwys  in Engadget

"... Comma AI's latest piece of hardware is the EON dash cam developer kit. The $700 piece of hardware is a camera that also runs apps you'd use while driving, like Spotify and Waze. In fact, it's actually just an Android phone (a OnePlus 3 to be exact) with a custom case and software that taps into the smartphone's camera, gyroscope, GPS and accelerometer. That hardware, coupled with the new Chffrplus app (which is only available on the EON) allows Hotz and crew to distribute consumer hardware that also tracks your driving so it can train its self-driving AI system. .... " 

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