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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Update on Hololens

Micorosft's update on  AR work.  Always looking for practical business examples.   A bit thin on new applications covered.  Here covered:

Driving collaboration in car design
Ford design and engineering teams are able to iterate more quickly when they use HoloLens to visualize full-scale models in 3D. Processes that used to take weeks now take days, because they no longer need to physically build every prototype. ... 

Modernizing crime scene investigation
HoloLens enables police officers to capture evidence in real time with tuServ, Black Marble’s award-winning app for police operations. Gathering digital evidence decreases the risk of disturbing physical evidence. .... 

Bring life to Mixed Reality
Create holograms of people and performances for your mixed reality, virtual reality, and augmented reality experiences. Mixed Reality Capture Studios are now open San Francisco, Seattle, and London. ... "

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