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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Quantum Computing Aimed at Faster, Better AI

Note the emphasis on Quantum Computing directed at AI.  A new direction, it was not mentioned when we explored applications, which mostly addressed combinatoric optimization.   In the past, better algorithms (Software) were always emphasized over faster computing hardware.  Is this a major change in this thinking?  In the WSJ:

Why Google’s new quantum computer could launch an artificial intelligence arms race  By Dominic Basulto ...

The D-Wave 2X quantum computer promises exponential gains in computing power. (Stephen Lam/Reuters)  .... 

Google claims the D-Wave 2X is 100 million times faster than any of today’s machines. As a result, this quantum computer could theoretically complete calculations within seconds to a problem that might take a digital computer 10,000 years to calculate. That’s particularly important, given the difficult tasks that today’s computers are called upon to complete and the staggering amount of data they are called upon to process.

On the surface, the D-Wave 2X represents not just a quantum leap for computing, but also for the field of artificial intelligence. In fact, Google refers to its work being carried out at NASA’s Ames Research Center as “quantum artificial intelligence.” That’s because machine learning problems that today are too hard or too complex for computers could be solved almost instantaneously in the future. ... " 

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