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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Automation Driving Retail Growth

Statistics on retail growth.  Advanced automation replacing in store and back end knowledge workers too.   Relates to think tank examination we did this week.  Voice commands.

" .... E-commerce platform provider Demandware has released its annual list of retail predictions for 2016, and many of them center on how machines will continue taking over tasks once done by people.

Out of the nine trends Demandware identifies, four are related to growing IT automation: machine learning driving voice-based intelligence assistants, in-store payment evolving dramatically, data-driven decision marketing replacing gut instinct, and last-mile fulfillment providers driving instant gratification.

Specifically, Demandware predicts that machine learning will expand beyond shopper personalization to provide retailers with a Siri-like intelligence assistant that pops up occasionally with insights and recommendations. Swiping, typing and tapping be largely replaced by voice commands. This will help make personalization such a fundamental part of the shopping experience that consumers will no longer notice it. ... " 

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