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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Open AI Emergent

Why not?  Anything to get the ideas closer to many specific business purposes.   Following.   How can companies ally themselves for this kind of open innovation?   Their OpenAI introductory blog post.   See OpenAI.  Will be approaching.

Elon Musk + Sam Altman launch OpenAI Nonprofit that will use AI to 'benefit Humanity'.
Let by all-star team of Silicon Valley's best and Brightest, OpenAI already has $1 Billion in funding.   By Daniel Terdiman

Silicon Valley is in the midst of an artificial intelligence war, as giants like Facebook and Google attempt to outdo each other by deploying machine learning and AI to automate services. But a brand-new organization called OpenAI—helmed by Elon Musk and a posse of prominent techies—aims to use AI to "benefit humanity," without worrying about profit.  Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, took to Twitter to announce OpenAI on Friday afternoon. ... " 

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