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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Processes of Memory and Learning. Machine Learning?

Several Blogs have recently picked up on the processes of learning.  Just this past week there have been a number of advances revealed on linking analytic and biomimicry processes.   Notably the use of Bayesian methods.  See this recent example.   In the Guardian a look at some classic studies of learning.

It should be noted that 'Machine Learning' (ML), as currently defined, is more about statistically based pattern recognition, than the kind of learning mentioned here.   A machine learning method can be used to determine patterns in data, and then those patterns could be stored away for later access and reference.  But that kind of full ML process is not usual today.   It should be more often considered.

'Deep Learning', is another term much in the news, but it is usually applied to more narrowly focused problems, like image recognition.   But it does use biologically inspired math constructs like neural networks.

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