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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

InHalio: Towards an Internet of Scent

From a long time co-participant in retail.   Our innovation center tested a number of sensory interaction devices in retail environments using smell, touch, vision and sound.  The data gathered during such interactions is also valuable.

Entertain your senses.  A digital Gateway to Fragrances.  An Internet of Scent.

5th Screen Digital enables a bold new world of smell based on its Inhalio platform. Years of development led to this disruptive and scalable solution to add scent to the digital experience. Inhalio brings a personalized scent experience to the connected world…the Internet of Scent.

Inhalio Retail enables a retail experience unlike any other. Consumers are greeted with gorgeous animations, and they touch the screen to select a fragrance. The dry fragrance is dispersed for them to smell. Consumers can determine their individual preferences in a personal experience. Inhalio platform creates a new engagement for digital signage.

While engaging and entertaining the consumer in a remarkable new manner, the Inhalio platform monitors the system, tracks usage and provides invaluable feedback and data to the retailer and brands. ... The Inhalio platform can create a mood scent that just like music or lighting allows the dispersion of scent to help create a mood.

The sense of smell is the most powerful memorable sense that we have. The olfactory cortex is embedded within the brain’s system where emotions are born and emotional memories stored. That’s why scents, feelings and memories become so easily and intimately entangled.

We look forward to how you will connect the Internet of Scent with the Internet of Things!   ... " 


Background on Digital Scent Technology

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