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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Watson IOT Research Center formed by IBM

A good direction to go with applications of Watson.   Considerable opportunity here.

IBM Bets on Watson With Global Research Center in Germany
The Internet of Things division will play a key role in driving revenue and profit within five years, Harriet Green, IBM’s vice president and general manager for Internet of Things and Education, told Bloomberg Television’s Ryan Chilcote in an interview. The company on Tuesday announced the opening of a new global headquarters and research lab in Munich for a division that will build Watson-based applications for Web-connected devices. The facility and eight other global centers are part of a $3 billion investment in the unit set out in March by Armonk, New York-based International Business Machines Corp.  ... “How this fits into the future of IBM is around profitable growth,” Green said. “We think it has real high growth, profitable growth potential.” .... ' 

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