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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tracking Human vs Cognitive Computing Performance

In the Linkedin CSIG (Cognitive Systems Institute) Group, request for more information in tracking people vs machine job performance levels, via Jim Spohrer.  There is considerable additional information at the link about related work to date and goals,  Ultimately this creates a kind of 'Rosetta Stone' of links between system and people performance components of real jobs.  Want to join in?  add yourself to the group.

CSIG "Algorithm" and tracking cognitive system performance levels
The CSIG (Cognitive Systems Institute Group) is interested in tracking cognitive computing components and their performance relative to novice and expert human performance levels. 

CSIG mission is to develop cognitive assistants for all occupations to boost creativity and productivity of people in smart service systems.  This requires creating an inventory of cognitive components - the capability of cognitive systems compared to human performance measures.  .... "  

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