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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gaming and Coaching Discussed

From conversation:

Jim Spohrer:
Franz, and from some earlier threads let's not forget about "crowd sourcing" and "gamification" as a trajectory for the development of cognitive assistants for all occupations. In fact, coaching players of games could be a very nice development vector - see IBM Watson's Fantasy Football coaching announcement here from Wired ....
Franz Dill:
Jim, Yes good to remind me of that, just starting to look at that example, got a query from the former enterprise on its application to previous gamification experiments. I like the idea of Gaming+Coaching. Gaming is by its nature a simulation, or observation of captured real world experiments. The experiments (games) act as a kind of crowd sourcing of outcomes. Coaching is an 'advisory' intervention in a progress of games. Some real value there, even outside of sports. This is different from typical gamification. Some of my investigations lightly touch on this, see:

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