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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Aha Moment and Working Memory

Fascinating.   Have had a handful of such aha moments.  Never tried to manage them.  How can that be done, or should it be?   How are our devices now a part of working memory?    Looking at the use of working memory.   In the HBR:

" ..... Having a high working memory capacity (WMC) generally helps with problem-solving by allowing us to avoid distractions, pull up relevant information, and complete multiple steps in a complex task. But not all problems benefit from that approach.

Previous research has shown that people with high WMC will choose problem-solving strategies that play to their strengths, adding more steps and complexity to the process than are strictly necessary — or efficient. Researchers have also found that high WMC individuals will direct the power of focused attention on activities that are actually performed better without it (such as dribbling a soccer ball or touch-typing).   ... " 

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