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Sunday, August 23, 2015

(Update) Cognitive Systems Institute: Request for Engagement

Been writing at the Cognitive Systems Institute Linkedin site for more than a year.  Based on my experiences with Enterprise AI.   The site is a good place to see how researchers and enterprises are looking at implementing practical Cognitive/AI systems.   With emphasis on how jobs will be augmented and scaled with these new methods.  Or  " ... scaling expertise to boost the creativity and productivity of people ... "

Topics include advisory systems, how jobs are composed of real job tasks, integration of analytics and the use of cloud based services to implement components of expertise.

The CSIG Institute was set up by IBM as a means to engage world wide academics and practitioners with advances in cognitive systems that resulted from the Watson effort.  Directed by Jim Spohrer. Talks on these topics are sponsored weekly.   Also at #CSIGNews

Lately I and other contributors have been asking for input on a number of questions.    To understand what is being done, what areas of expertise are key for delivery and how the academic community could contribute with research and solutions.

Join us at the group site, tell us your interests and practical needs,  engage the process  and contribute to the future of practical AI.

(Update) For an official,  more detailed view of CSI goals, with many useful links, see The CSIG Algorithm and Tracking Cognitive System performance levels.

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