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Monday, August 31, 2015

NASA Knowledge Discovery with Graph Analytics

We looked at problems similar to this a number of times.  How do you construct a semantic net based on internal knowledge, then use it to find new, innovative connections?  Turns out this is hard to do.    Similarity to the Discovery Advisor, previously mentioned?   What does creativity look like in such a network?

From DSC:    " .... NASA is using big data to make complex knowledge more readily available. Learn how graph visualization can help turn large corpus of documents into concrete insights. .... A database of lessons learned .... Even in a mature and knowledge-driven organization like NASA, finding an answer to a common business issue can be frustrating. Past surveys at NASA have shown that most people have trouble finding the answers they need or don’t get results in an easily usable way. When internal knowledge tools and processes come up short, Google is the number one go to solution. But what to do when even Google fails? ... " 

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