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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Figure Eight Cognitive Systems with CrowdFlower

Learning and adapting knowledge to train a cognitive system is key.  While we experimented with corwdsourcing methods, they were difficult to manage for AI systems.

Now renamed:  Figure Eight   https://www.figure-eight.com/ 

Figure Eight:
" .... This is especially true in the interpretation of health data from a seemingly infinite array of sources -- and a big reason why we’re so excited to see CrowdTruth.org leveraging CrowdFlower to train IBM Watson.

 Watson represents the state of the art in computational linguistics and computer vision put into action. It uses its never-before-seen understanding of language and imagery to comb through volumous datasets to unearth helpful information and make predictions (such as tips for disease diagnosis). According to Lora Aroyo, Principal Investigator of CrowdTruth, Watson acts as "a cognitive prosthetic to extend the decision making capabilities of an expert," such as a doctor, who will utilize it as a tool for recommendations on how best to analyze a patient's condition. 

In parallel, data enrichment platforms have become a valuable resource for data scientists looking to automate and scale the cleaning, labeling, and enrichment of data using human intelligence for machine learning -- ie., training data creation. While Watson continuously engages in active learning, its intelligence is strengthened by the quality of the training data it takes in from crowd contributors on data enrichment platforms such as CrowdFlower.   ... " 

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