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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Digital Copies of 3D Spaces

In Wired:   Commercial methods like those of Google, have led the way.   Now new work in making highly accurate representations of cities.   Ways to implement structural links to the smart city.  An Internet of things container?   New Orleans the example here.

" ... The same  technology that will guide the vehicles of the future is being used to preserve the architectural heritage of the past.

Autonomous vehicles need hyper-detailed 3-D maps to navigate, and the trickiest part of those maps is keeping them up-to-the-minute accurate so changes and closures are cataloged. The last thing you’ll want is your self-driving car barreling through a barrier into a construction zone because its map was outdated.

A California nonprofit called Cyark is using that same 3-D mapping data to create a detailed digital copy of New Orleans. ... " 

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