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Thursday, August 27, 2015

What Kinds of Questions Can We Answer?

What kinds of questions can data science answer?  Fascinating piece by Microsoft Data Scientist. Very fundamental idea.   Good way to present the idea to management.

" ... This post, authored by Brandon Rohrer, Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft, is the second in a three-part series introducing data science with no jargon. The first post covered What Can Data Science Do For Me?

Machine learning (ML) is the motor that drives data science. Each ML method (also called an algorithm) takes in data, turns it over, and spits out an answer. ML algorithms do the part of data science that is the trickiest to explain and the most fun to work with. That’s where the mathematical magic happens. 

ML algorithms can be grouped into families based on the type of question they answer. These can help guide your thinking as you are formulating your razor sharp question. ... " 

Read it all for the examples, will read the other parts of the series myself.

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