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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

An AI System Captions Cartoons

In the CACM:     I note that this is in part solved by crowdsourcing, not by a computer understanding humor.   But the integration of the crowdsourcing into the solution process is interesting,  We used the Mechanical Turk system in this way.  Use for choosing advertising copy/captions?    Interacting with consumers to tag their sentiments?

" ... Microsoft researchers aim to teach artificial intelligence (AI) software how humor works by training it on an archive of New Yorker cartoons and entries into the magazine's cartoon caption contest. Researcher Dafna Shahaf fed the cartoons and contest entries to the software and taught it to select the funniest choices among captions that make similar jokes, relying partly on crowdsourced input from contract workers via Amazon.com's Mechanical Turk. Ranking jokes was the next step, requiring the researchers to manually describe what was happening in each cartoon, and to categorize its context and anomalies.   ... " 

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