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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Omni Channel Customers

Interesting new classification of customers.

In CustomerThink,
" .... If you found yourself checking a new piece of clothing at a store, while looking it up on the mobile app on your iPhone, only to purchase it later on the website and have it delivered at the store closest to your home, all the while sharing your experience on Instagram, you are a very desirable “Omni-Channel” customer.

Omni-channel is different from multi-channel. While multi-channel customers were merely able to purchase an item in-store, via mail-order catalogue or online; Omni-channel is defined as a customer-centric experience where different sales channels combine into one unique experience. Customers can decide which media they use to engage, and are free to cross over the different channels without “friction.” They are actively engaged and at the centre of interaction with the brand.   .... " 

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