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Monday, August 17, 2015

Apple and Biometrics in the Smart Home

In Silicon Angle:  Biometrics and more in the Apple Smart home.   " .... It has long been rumored that Apple is entering the smart home business. From patents that include Siri for home control, to a device that controls “scenes” in your home, to the Apple Watch used for home automation. And, now, a patent application was unearthed that revealed Apple’s alleged plan for the Apple TV.

The patent application, Device Configuration for Multiple Users Using Remote User Biometrics, describes how biometrics, such as fingerprint, retinal scan, facial image and others, can be used to deliver a more personalized entertainment experience for different users without burdening the current user with too much configuration. 

From the description, it seems like an enhanced version of the “scenes” patent Apple filed before that would allow different connected devices, such as smart bulbs, to change color depending on what the person is watching. But in this patent application, it will make use of profiles to determine settings for each connected home device, and then automatically apply them after the biometric scan. ... " 

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