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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hearables as Advisory Systems

Had not heard the term 'Hearable' used,  but is a mobile device, integrated with an advisory system, linked with sound only to the user.  How much will people normally accept a sound only advisory interface?  Akin to Siri or Amazon Echo, but mobile.   In Retailwire:

" ... Wearable technologies such as Apple Watch, Google Glass and fitness trackers are already collecting information that ultimately may be used to make the wearers' lives easier. But "hearables" — delivering audio cues to users and accepting voice-activated commands — are set to have a huge impact on the Internet of Things (IoT), likely delivering all sorts of new capabilities, even voice-activated shopping, to consumers.

Hearable technologies are projected to rack up $5 billion in sales by 2018, according UK-based Wifore Consulting, or about the same amount as the entire wearables market will take in this year. Why? They tend to be more discreet than other wearable interfaces, and people are already accustomed to in-ear technologies.  ... " 

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