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Friday, December 19, 2014

IBM Rival Sentient

An AI rival to understand: Sentient: With some emphasis on big data and genetic methods.  And the direct use of biomimicry through the use of genetic algorithms, an area we experimented in.

" ... Sentient was inspired because of its team’s work on Siri, which exposed them to “actual real applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence,” Mr. Blondeau said. They saw what they thought was a unique opportunity to combine that technology “with what the Internet gives us now in terms of the ability to reach and harness enormous amounts of compute—things that couldn’t be dreamt of 10 years ago, and could be done five years ago but nobody had done that.”

He said Sentient combines technologies in evolutionary computation, which mimics in software the way biological life evolved on Earth, and deep learning, which looks at the way nervous systems are architected and work. These technologies are used either independently or together and are scaled across millions of nodes.... " 

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