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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to Fly a Horse

Colleague Kevin Ashton writes:

Dear Franz, 

My new book, "How to Fly a Horse — The Secret History of Invention, Creation, and Discovery," comes out on January 20.

It is already getting some good reviews: both Fortune and Business Insider have listed it as a "book to read in 2015;" its first Customer Review on Amazon says "it is so well written that it's hard to put down;" and William C. Taylor, cofounder and editor of Fast Company, describes it is "one of the most creative books on creativity I have ever read."   .... 

" ... n his new book,”How To Fly A Horse,” Kevin Ashton explores why innovators meet resistance and how they overcome it, why most organizations stifle creative people, and how the most creative organizations work. In a passionate and profound narrative that amazes and inspires, Ashton’s book sheds new light on how “new” comes to be. "

Site, video, information and pre-order.

I will followup here when I get a hold of it.

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