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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Changes in the Nature of Design

In Radar:   Have always worked on the periphery of design, adding analytics as it was requested, but usually after the product development fact.   It has always been been talked how we could link the two closely, but rarely done.  Now we can be there.

" ... Design is entering its golden age. Now, like never before, the value of the discipline is recognized. This recognition is both a welcome change and a challenge for designers as they move to designing for networked systems. John Follett, editor of Designing for Emerging Technologies recently sat down with Matt Nish-Lapidus, partner and design director at Normative Design, who contributed to the book. Nish-Lapidus discusses the changing role of design and designers in emerging technology.

As Nish-Lapidus describes, we’re witnessing the evolution of product development from one crafts-person, one customer; to a one crafts-person, many customers; to a one craft-person, one product that many people will customize. He explains how the crafted object and the nature of design has changed, beginning with the pre-industrial era:    ... " 

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