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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Morphology and Emergence

An area we examined. Has potential application to non quantified but constraint specified problems. Notably like alternative methods of task completion. For those who are interested in the principle of “emergence” and/or general morphological analysis (GMA), the following article is now online at AMG:

Ritchey, T. (2014). “On a Morphology of Theories of Emergence”. Acta Morph Gen, Vol. 3 No. 3.
Available for download in PDF format at: http://www.amg.swemorph.com/pdf/amg-3-3-2014.pdf

Abstract: “Emergence” – the notion of novel, unpredictable and irreducible properties developing out of complex organisational entities – is itself a complex, multi-dimensional concept. To date there is no single, generally agreed upon “theory of emergence”, but instead a number of different approaches and perspectives. Neither is there a common conceptual or meta-theoretical framework by which to systematically identify, exemplify and compare different “theories”. Building upon earlier work done by sociologist Kenneth Bailey, this article presents a method for creating such a framework, and outlines the conditions for a collaborative effort in order to carry out such a task. A brief historical and theoretical background is given both to the concept of “emergence” and to the non-quantified modelling method General Morphological Analysis (GMA).

Cheers,  Tom Ritchey, SweMorph

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