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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Discovery Advisor

A press release of nearly a year ago that I reviewed for a meeting with a client in the last few weeks. What does it mean for a company to do discovery on a combination of its own knowledge and data and public information?  This press release inspired a number of people to ask questions like:   How do we test this process?  Re-evaluating that in the new year.

" ... IBM is unveiling IBM Watson Discovery Advisor. The new service will help industries such as pharmaceutical and publishing do more with their R&D investments while empowering research teams to accomplish more in far less time. The Discovery Advisor is designed to reduce the time researchers need to formulate conclusions that can advance their work, from months to days and days to just hours. 

The Discovery Advisor will call upon Watson’s cognitive intelligence to save researchers the time needed to pore though millions of articles, journals and studies. After quickly reading through, determining context and synthesizing vast amounts of data, it will help users pinpoint connections within the data that can strengthen and accelerate their work.  .. " 

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