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Monday, December 22, 2014

TNS and Headspace Neuromarketing

Although I had seen TNS mentioning these approaches, here is a direct collaboration.  The approach seems to be a combination of EEG and eyetracking methods.

" ... TNS has long been associated with its strong brand and communications offer. The marketing research company has now taken this a step further by combining its brand and communications understanding with neuroscience to get to the heart, or brain as it were, of what people are thinking when they make decisions.

Partnering with HeadSpace Neuromarketing has given TNS the ideal opportunity to validate its communications testing approach based on neural theory. Underpinned by science, the company's approach moves beyond what people claim is the reason for their brand decisions based on rationalisation after the fact, to get closer to the truth based on their unconscious responses to advertising. ... "

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