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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

DARPA Looking for More Sensing, Autonomous Drones

In CWorld: Implications of more data and the need for methods that can understand sensor  data at high speed and the intelligence to make decisions.  Inspired by Biomimicry.

" ... The FLA drones are supposed to be quick, independent robots who can create and follow their own search patterns, react correctly to the things they find and report back to operators who may have had to do nothing but watch the video feed as the FLA 'bot searches.

That sounds as if DARPA is looking for more than simply real-time sensor-data processing. Building a bot that can read a situation, navigate through it and respond to particular stimuli – identifying flood survivors clinging to debris, for example, and signaling for help – requires something very close to a low-order artificial intelligence comparable to the birds or bugs DARPA uses as examples of what it wants, but without the self-awareness and self-determination obvious even in birds. ... " 

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