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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tesco CEO on E-Commerce

Been looking at how retailers address e-commerce futures.  Here a piece by the Tesco CEO on e-commerce.  Not too unexpected.

" ... Tesco group chief executive Philip Clarke discusses the opportunities that exist at the intersection of media, ecommerce and big data. As the second largest retailer in the world, Tesco is moving  in the direction of becoming a media and technology company and the leading multi-channel retailer. The objective of Tesco is to put the customer back in control and enabling the customer to engage and transact with Tesco via his/her preferred channel. The percentage of digital sales is growing and that brings big challenges but also offers huge opportunities. An interesting talk about customer loyalty, delivering personalized experiences and the insights from the data they have that helps Tesco to understand and respond to customers’ lifestyles. ... " 

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