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Monday, May 19, 2014

Programmatic Ad Buying Needs to be Revisited

Prompted by an AdAge article. 'Have begun .. ', the article says?  We were early pioneers of programmatic advertising.  Starting in the 1970s, using optimization analytics.

  " ... The term covers a wide range of technologies that have begun automating the buying, placement and optimization of advertising, replacing human-based methods like phone calls, faxes and, yes, three-martini lunches. Through programmatic technologies, advertisers can buy ads the way they pick up something on Amazon or bid on eBay. ... "  

The topic seems rarely covered in analytical writing these days, but is deserving a closer look. At the time we did this there were many millions saved by optimizing placement of ads.  Well before big data and newer analytical methods. Ultimately most of this work went out to services, that went back to mostly human powered approaches.  This deserves an analytical revisit.  Lots of money is still involved.

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