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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Building a QuBit for a Quantum Computer

In Quanta magazine.  A relatively non technical article about building a quantum bit, the Qubit, the foundation for the quantum computer.    Nicely described. " ... Willet is attempting to harness that state to build a “topological qubit” — an information-storing device analogous to the bits that make up ordinary computers, only far more complex and potent. Qubits are the basic building blocks of a quantum computer, an undeveloped technology devised in the early 1980s. Unlike that of ordinary bits, the power of qubits grows exponentially with their number. For many tasks, a comparatively small quantum computer — made up of only 100 qubits — would outperform the world’s best supercomputers and usher in a new level of computing power for humanity. ... " 

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