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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Is the Data Analytics Field Consolidating?

First I heard of this.  Not sure I agree.  In GigaOM

" ... The big data and analytics world is entering that consolidation phase right now. Buyers can’t eliminate risk, but they should watch market consolidation in order to mitigate it and formulate contingencies. ... 

Most technology sectors go through a certain maturity cycle. At the beginning of the cycle a number of pure-play companies, flush with venture capital in their pockets, come in for the gold rush. Next, a few of them crash and burn while a few others gain revenue momentum and significant name-recognition. Meanwhile, the majority of companies tend toward the neither extreme and just “keep on truckin.” ... '

  Have seen some of the small examples mentioned, but the big companies are still fighting it out.  Even in large companies, where they often coexist.  Most often they still fight with existing efforts in general purpose tools like Excel.

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