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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Only One Silicon Valley?

In the NYT:  Andreessen on the uniqueness of 'silicon valley', and the future of technologies.   I spent much time there, and there was a uniqueness about it I did not see elsewhere. Innovation occurred at all times and in all contexts.  It was expected that things that would not work would fall away in a Darwinian way.

" ... The demand for pioneering new technology and an influx of young talent will give rise to new centers of innovation in cities across the world, but according to longtime venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, if they try to be carbon copies of Silicon Valley these new tech hubs will likely fail to gain any traction. Instead, Andreessen says emerging innovation centers should learn from the Bay Area's success and find their own unique niche to define them by focusing on tech-related fields like biotech, digital currencies or virtual reality ... " 

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