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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Morphological Approaches to Engineering Design

A long time correspondent,  Tom Ritchey, sends a note about an analytical approach that is little used in  enterprise, but should be much better known.  Using the structure, or morphology, of a business decision problem to improve it.  This is a mostly logical rather than numerical approach.    Below a link to a not overly technical example paper on the subject.  Also see my previous writings on General Morphology Analysis.

Short description of method.

SweMorph | Swedish Morphological Society
An interesting example of the early application of General Morphological Analysis to engineering is the work of the British Norris Brothers, who in the 1960s worked with the speed racer Donald Campbell to achieve several world records. In this paper, Asunción Álvarez (Inplanta, Madrid) describes their work and its significance within its historical context as an early example of the “morphological approach” to actual engineering design.

You can download: “The Norris Brothers Ltd. morphological approach to engineering design – an early example of applied morphological analysis”, Acta Morphologica Generalis, Vol.3 No.2 (2014),

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