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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Economics of Advanced Analytics

Shu Schiller, correspondent and Wright State professor, will be giving a talk at the upcoming Teradata conference.    Link below for more information about the conference and session.  Here is her abstract:

1463 - The Economics of Advanced Analytics
David Schrader - Marketing Director, Teradata
Shu Schiller - Asssociate Professor, Wright State University

Faced with a barrage of new technologies but don’t have a good framework for deciding what to do? Trying to understand the value-add of Big Analytics, but in the context of the technologies you already have? Scared you’ll miss a competitive edge but can’t quantify it? Trying to figure out “why UDA”? Then this session is for you. We build a step-by-step framework showing the economics of data value. A Data-Insights-Action-Impact flow, from typical Big Data projects, illustrates new and useful justification metrics such as the rate and value of Insight Discovery, or the opportunity costs and value of leveraging insights more widely. Having a clear plan of action to evolve to a data-driven approach to business requires simple justifications for purchasing and managing new technologies. Surprisingly few companies have this in place. For senior leaders and project architects, this talk provides 10 vivid ideas, metrics, and suggestions for your gameplan ..... 

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