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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Next Gen Databases

Via Gib Bassett:

What problems do next Gen Databases solve?  Good introductory read:

" ... The past decades organisations have been working with relational databases to store their structured data. In the big data era however, these types of databases are not sufficient anymore. Although they made a huge difference in the database world and unlocked data for many applications, relational databases miss some important characteristics for the big data era.

NoSQL databases are the answer that solves many of these problems. It is a completely new way of thinking about databases. Although NoSQL was first mentioned in 1998 by Carlo Strozzi who used it to name his lightweight, open-source relational database that did not expose the standard SQL interface, it really became know in 2009. Since then the NoSQL movement has been growing rapidly and not surprisingly as these databases have some important benefits; they are schema less, fast, agile and they can work with non-relational distributed and unstructured data. The type of data your organisation nowadays typically collects.... " 

by Mark van Rijmenam

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