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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Enterprise and Big Data

On Enterprise Big Data:  some good points made here.  There is still relatively little understanding, and thus investment in the techniques.  This is not new, it has operated this way in the whole history of analytics,  but the costs are higher now.    " .... Given the market conditions and the financial situation of most enterprises, only small budgets are being dedicated to prove the value of big data initiatives before committing to large scale, enterprise-grade projects to fully leverage the value. Most enterprises I’ve had the opportunity to talk with over the last couple of years are in some phase of initiating or carrying out a pilot project or proof-of value initiative to build the case for bigger budgets. But this journey has been a challenging one. I see it as the classic situation of the “teething” problems experienced with any new major technology adoption, and big data clearly fits into this category. All the clients I’ve had conversations with over the last couple of years appear to be in fairly similar situations.  ... " 

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