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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Report on Brains on the Path to Purchase

In my last message I indicated my acquired skepticism on some current neuromarketing work.   Just to provide some balance, let me point a report from a recent conference.  One of my favorite correspondents spoke:

Report from the Neuro Retail Revolution 
  Several hundred researchers, clients and interested parties earlier this month gathered at the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association's Neuro Retail Revolution Conference in Amsterdam. ,,, Covering findings from both the in-store and on-line retail worlds, leaders in the growing field of neuromarketing presented their unique insight on how consumers respond to these environments.... 

"Your Brain on the Path To Purchase"
Dr. Stephen F. Sands, Chairman and Chief Science Officer at Sands Research relayed the varying degrees of neuro-engagement and emotional valence evoked by marketing stimuli across the path-to-purchase journey - from initial need activation to pre-consideration (out of store), to in-store and finally to conversion at the point-of-purchase. Utilizing results from EEG and Eye tracking data sets, including findings from the recent nationwide POPAI Shopper Behavior Study, Dr. Sands provided attendees with actionable insight of the cumulative effects of TV advertising, print and packaging on the ultimate purchase decision-making moment and how marketers and retailers can achieve the optimal mix to drive sales in-store for their brands and categories. ... 

Includes links to slide presentations.

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