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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cisco and the Internet of Everything

Cisco moves forward again. And a link to their study. " ... Mobile? Wearables? Small change. For several years, Cisco has been thinking bigger, when the Internet fully becomes the Internet of Everything … and it has released its most recent study on the subject, which says about $99 billion is being left on the table this year by retailers that aren’t as connected to their operations as they could be. 

The study outlines the top five ways to connect people, process, and things for more business value, and it adds that $540 billion will be unrealized this year by all the less-than-totally-connected industries, including telecoms, financial services, health care, transportation, energy, and others.
... "   Are they being big eough?  Yes, I think so , there is lots to be done under this outline in many categories. 

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