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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October Shopper Marketing

Always interesting online Mag.  Sign up. Via Steve Frenda

" ... The October issue of Shopper Marketing is a cause for celebration for those of us at the Institute. I'd like to offer a hearty toast to Peter Hoyt, the Institute's founder & CEO for his 25 years and the 25th anniversary of the publication. For me, 6+ years and proud to be a part of the Institute and enjoying some of the most exciting times of my career. Please take a few moments and read Bill Schober's editorial (pg.8) and Peter's interview (pg.22).

The e-issue of Shopper Marketing is now available for reading or download at http://goo.gl/ZyrFw8

Another can't miss article in the issue is the cover story. One of our Keynote speeches at Expo features Jocelyn Wong, Family Dollar's CMO sharing the stage with Coca-Cola's Allison Lewis, the SVP, Marketing N.A. to explore the framework of their "Shared Media" efforts.

Shared media... Why do you care? Enlightened retail chains realize that investment in traditional media (TV, print) by brands is shifting --- The funding and resources are going to two places --- "Earned Media" (Digital) and "Shared Media" (Retail Collaboration). ...  " 

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