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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Data Variety as a Dimension

Data variety is one of the key dimensions of Big Data applications.   Which are said to deal with Volume, Variety and Velocity of data.  Here a post about how it is often an issue.  Variety of data is often a problem in many kinds of problems, it is usually solved by pulling all data into one form for fast analysis.   Big Data, though, makes claims that it can deal with 'very' different kinds of data, such as structured corporate data and unstructured text.  Its another challenge to fit these dimensions together to make them work in concert.  I don't see it as a bigger than any other aspects of the mix.    As is usually context is key.  " ... When it comes to data variety, a large part of the challenge lies in putting the data into the right context. Nothing exists in isolation in today’s networked world as most of the big data available for analysis is linked to outside entities and organizations. Making sense of the context takes time and human understanding and that slows everything down. ... " 

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