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Monday, October 21, 2013

Cheaper, Better Home Robotics

 Have had a long time interest in the use of home robotics.  And experimented with their us in the enterprise, and with the customers of the enterprise.  We examined iRobot offerings in some detail. Now a new contender described in In ReadwriteWeb:  " ... Your Robot Butler—Or Factory Worker—Just Got A Lot More Affordable .. Don't judge this inexpensive little robot by its cover. ... " 

The 'butler' or home servant task example is often used.  Has been used for many years.  Has been claimed  solved for many years.  It turns out to be a very difficult problem.  Here the example is: Unbounded Robotics.   The entry cost is $35,000.   Its far easier to roboticize the factory floor.

I remain skeptical, but look forward to see this in useful home operation.

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